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Working together to achieve sustainable ecosystems, agriculture and communities.

The Leigh Catchment Group (LCG) is a network of eight Landcare groups in the Corangamite region of South West Victoria. For over 20 years Landcare Groups in our network have been bringing all members of the community together to maintain, protect and repair the fragile environment in our landscape.
Our Landcare Groups and landowners have and continue to deliver numerous projects on farmland, urban, public land, and small semi-rural properties. The results show that landholders, working together with the community and with the support of government initatives we can delivery significant and manageable habitiat change

In total, our network covers an area of 890 square kilometres, within the catchments of the Yarrowee and Leigh Rivers. The Leigh Catchment contains a diverse range of topograhic features from gently undulating hills, wide valleys and river flats, to steep escarpments and rocky gorges.

Our catchments supports areas of significant remnant native vegetation including forests, woodlands, grasslands and weltlands which provide important fauna habitat values.
We encourage all members of the community to become involved in our groups activities, to help us reach our vision of "Working together to achieve sustainable ecosystems, agriculture and communities". 


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